How to Disable Signature Verification in Android?

How to Disable Signature Verification on Android?

Hi guys

Today I'm sharing you on how to patch signature and make your device thinking that the signature is always true so you can install UNSIGNED modded apk over the original apk without "app not installed" error. and you can login with your Google+ without developer error.

Allright, if you want disable signature verification on your android, follow this instruction.

- Root required.!!

  1. You must have Lucky Patcher, or Download it from Here
  2. Install Lucky patcher and launch.
  3. Lucky Patcher it will ask for Root Access, Grant it.
  4. Tap "ToolBox" Menu and then it will show you some option.
  5. Choose "Patch To Android"
  6. Tap "Signature Verification Always True" and "Disable .Apk Signature Verification"
  7. Tap Apply and Reboot
  8. Launch Lucky Patcher and Check the result.
  9. If Patch Applied, it mean success.
  10. Now Tap "Disable Signature Verification In The Package Manager"
  11. Apply and Reboot.
  12. Check again, that All option  patch has been succesfully applied.
  13. Thats all.
  14. Enjoy