Zombie Crushers v1.11.3 Mod

Zombie Crushers

Zombie Crushers v1.11.3 Mod

is an Action Game for Android. Download latest version of Zombie Crushers v1.11.3 Mod for android from Unite2GameR.com

- Zombie Crusher : Free to play, you can get gold & coin to upgrade your weapons and buy items.
- Enjoy the feeling of being a zombie slayer The Walking Dead.
- Choose your way to kill the zombies: blow off the brain, chop off the limb or blast them away with deadly grenade.
- Adrenaline Rush : Transform yourself into a killing machine with this medicine.
- Zombie Crusher using offline mode have zombie the walking dead.

Zombie Crushers v1.11.3 Mod

- 3D graphics with realistic lighting from epic engine.
- Guns have different sound effects to real life versions.
- Various environmental location to fight from.
- Unity 3D graphics with detailed textures.
- Shooting zombies slow motion last shooting.
- Zombies The Walking Dead are enhanced with DNA transform virus.
- Be ready to face off huge zombie boss with unstoppable power.
- Next Version: Many more special infected with special ability are coming to take you down.
- A crusher is a machine designed to reduce zombie whole the world.
- Shooting zombies: hand, body & head shot
- Many weapons to choose from (HandGun, P90 sub machine gun, M4A1 machine gun , AK47, KSG shotgun , M4A1 VIP, AK47 VIP… ).
- Keep ranking up to unlock the deadlier guns.
- Zombies may be strong against unequipped players, always make yourself ready.
- Feel like your weapon is not strong enough ? Upgrade it or buy it in weapon shop.
- Weapons crusher zombie The Walking Dead: Many zombie survivalists promote or even recommend melee weapons over .... to handle it as it is quite heavy, but it can penetrate or crush the zombie skull.
- Zombies everwhere : subway, hospital, city & urban district.
- Immerse yourself in a world of horror, bloody, and scary fighting.

Zombie Crushers v1.11.3

Zombie Crushers v1.11.3 Mod

Zombie Crushers Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Zombie Crushers
Category : Action
Size : 61mb
Version : 1.11.3 Mod
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

-: Mod Info :-
Unlimited gold, cash
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