Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack v0.1.06 Mod

Hopeless Heroes

Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack  v0.1.06 Mod

is an Role Playing Game for Android. Download latest version of Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack  v0.1.06 Mod for android from

The hopeless blobs are in trouble again! The blob town is almost lost to the army of scary monsters. Tap to fight back! Tap for glory! Slash and smack the ugly monsters! And become a professional Tapper hero! Unite the Blob heroes from around the kingdom, thy will do the taps for you when you're gone, become the idle hero!

Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack  v0.1.06 Mod

In this free clicker game, tap to attack the monsters and recruit blob heroes, collect coins, and click your way to be the most powerful blob in existence.
Lead the blobs to victory in this addictive, clicker game from the makers of Hopeless: The Dark Cave and Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth

★ TAP to defend Blob Town
★ ATTACK the monster army with a range of new blob heroes
★ CLICK to upgrade skills and blob heroes, and unlock other awesome boosts!
★ POWER UP your leading blob to defeat more monsters
★ EARN gold while you’re away
★ BE the blob hero that Blob Town deserves
★ WAIT for your mana to refill!
★ WATCH as the game does the work for you!
★ COLLECT randomly generated stat bonuses and other graphic representations of virtual numbers!

Hopeless Heroes v0.1.06

Hopeless Heroes v0.1.06 Mod

Hopeless Heroes Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Hopeless Heroes
Category : Role Playing
Size : 39mb
Version : 0.1.06 Mod
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

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