Evil Mudu - Hill Climbing Taxi v1.5.4 Mod

Evil Mudu

Evil Mudu - Hill Climbing Taxi v1.5.4 Mod

is an Racing Game for Android. Download latest version of Evil Mudu - Hill Climbing Taxi v1.5.4 Mod for android from

You can customize your cars! Use paints and wheel rims from chests.
You can find free chests on tracks and by viewing video ads. Each free chest contains one paint, or one wheel rim, or some coins.

Evil Mudu - Hill Climbing Taxi v1.5.4 Mod

Each of the purchased chests contains 2 colors and 1 wheel rim.
The colors drop out with an equal probability of 1/36.
Wheel rims fall out with a probability of 1/27.
Preference is given to the wheel rims to those cars that are already unlocked.
If all unlocked cars have all the wheel rims unlocked, a random wheel rim will drop out for any other unlocked car.
In that case when all wheel rims for all cars are unlocked, the wheel rim from chest will be replaced with a random color with a probability of 1/36.


In future updates:
- more tracks!
- more cars!
- achievements!
- leaderboards!
- and many more!

Evil Mudu v1.5.4

Evil Mudu v1.5.4 Mod

Evil Mudu Mod

-: Game Info :-
Name : Evil Mudu
Category : Racing
Size : 46mb
Version : 1.5.4 Mod
File Format : Apk
Requires : 2.3 & Up

-: Mod Info :-
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