Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331 Mod

Cross FireWire

Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331 Mod

is an Action Game for Android. Download latest version of Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331 Mod for android from

300 million mobile phone gunfire dream. Perfect support 3D Touch function.
"Through the line of fire: the king of the war" is Tencent game produced CF genuine first person shooter tour, as a national athletic tour, the game perfectly inherited the PC side of the quality and play, but also for mobile phone operating characteristics, will be 300 million Mouse gun battle dream continues to the phone, refreshing feel, let the player anytime, anywhere experience the ultimate shooting fun and competitive confrontation of the blood, fun to play together.

[Game features]
- 20 people fighting the world BOSS, the new game FireWire defense
launched a new model of the world BOSS, ice firefly exterminate adventure. Support 20 real-time interaction, with the screen operations. Ice state switch, an inattentive will be sucked into the stomach! Fast teammates on the team together to fight back the world BOSS, to win the best fall.
FireWire defense on the line, the map set up defense tower, to prevent the monster arrived at the end. Not only to develop the defense tower, and gradually enhance the player strength, but also the introduction of a new perspective of God, easy to touch screen control, a list of the overall situation.

- Inherited the original essence, the continuation of the classic gun battle experience
"through the line of fire: the war king" from the world view, play mode, operating rules and other aspects of the perfect inheritance end of the original essence, is still the defenders and latent struggle throughout; Blasting mode, individual athletics, team sports and other classic games are still left hand control players move, right hand control and shooting control mode of operation; these familiar elements so that hundreds of millions of players battle dream perfect continuation to the mobile side.

- Innovative play is endless, chaos mode turns open
arms chaos, big head chaos, grenade big fight, knife king big chaos and other six chaos mode turns open, different from the end of the innovative game play, fast-paced battle experience so that players Quickly get started, the main weapons, vice weapons, melee weapons ... ... can be in different modes of fighting to enjoy the experience.

- Drama Battle, team back zombie frenzy
In the challenge mode, players will return to the battlefield, the face of more powerful Blitz biochemical monster. This time, the player fists four hands, only with teammates work together to work together to fight the monster strong attack.
Not only that, zombie frenzy strong attack. New BOSS days spider, days spider knight, Phoenix, Thunder angel ... ... team repulsed, more Lei Lei, Feng dance and other gods fall!

- The perfect support for 3D Touch function, shooting mobile phone game new revolution
"through the line of fire: gun war king" in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to support the latest 3D Touch function, the revolutionary goal of shooting and shooting the two dimensions of the Operation together, the player in the process of targeting at the same time increase their pressure to complete the opening of the fire, greatly reducing the threshold of operation to get started.

Cross FireWire v1.5.7.103331

Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331 Mod

Cross FireWire  Mod

Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior

Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331

Cross FireWire : Gun Warrior v1.5.7.103331 Mod

Cross FireWire v1.5.7.103331

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Name : Cross FireWire
Category : Action
Size : 636 MB
Version :
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0 & Up

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