Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.4.2

Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker
Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.4.2  ★Brief explanation of Rolling Mouse★ [Various hamster friends] Collect a total of 12 animals. House mouse, panda mouse, squirrel, roborovskii, golden hamster, mouse, dwarf hamster, guinea pig, hedgehog, gerbil, flying squirrel and rabbit friends will join you.

Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.4.2  is an Casual Racing Game for Android. Download latest version of Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.4.2  for android from

The more the animals you collect, the more electricity you produce.

[Electricity generation]
- Tap: Make electricity by tap the screen. Tap efficiency increases when the treadwheel level increases.
- Animal: Electricity generation per second inclines when the animal level goes up.
- Part-time job: Available from animal level 50. Your profit increases with the increase in the number of times you do a part-time job.
- Land, landmark: The price rises slowly since you purchase it, and you can make profit by selling it.

[Decorations / Stats of all your items will be summed up and reflected in!]
- Costume: Increases the stats of an animal.
- Interior: An animal's stats go up as it moves to a better house.
- Food bowl: Increases the buff duration.

[Sunflower farm]
Sunflower seeds are high-value goods.
If you raise sunflowers in the sunflower farm, you can harvest seeds after a period of time.
Gather the harvested seeds and purchase various decorations.

[Secret fun]
- Tap or drag animals resting on the floor.
- If you put a costume on an animal, it will act differently.
- Sometimes, hamster friends get scared when a cat comes in. Tap the cat and drive it out of the house.
- A spider that moves without making a sound takes hamster friends away. A lucky bag will drop if you touch the spider and chase it off.


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WHAT'S NEW in Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.4.2 

Add new decorations
Bug fixes

Rolling Mouse v1.4.2

Rolling Mouse v1.4.2 Apk

Rolling Mouse Apk

-: Game Info :-
Name : Rolling Mouse
Category : Casual
Size : 47.7 MB
Version : 1.4.2 
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

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