Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4

Noblemen: 1896
Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4 The year is 1896, and war has begun... To your right, Militia are cut down by saber wielding cavalry. In the distance, cannon fire echoes as a lumbering Steam Tank fires its auto cannons.

Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4 is an Action Game for Android. Download latest version of Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4 for android from

Your Gatling Gun Team unleashes a salvo of fire, cutting down an enemy squad like wheat. Behind you, the drone of your Frigate Class Airship reassures you before unleashing its salvo of supporting fire.

You are a Nobleman, and it's up to you to lead your armies to victory!

• Unique alternate reality 1896!
• Intense shooter combat - take part in large scale battles!
• Fight alongside cannons, gatling guns, airships, boats, cavalry, forts, and more!
• Innovative Campaign - plan your attacks from above, then fight and lead the battles in the field!
• Incredible scale - watch as forts blast the battlefield from a distance, airships loom overhead, and iron clad warships support your army from the beach!
• "Jump in/Jump out" gameplay - master hardcore shooter gameplay, or enable auto battle and watch the battles unfold, stress free!
• Collect and employ powerful Battle Cards to change the tide of the battle!

Optimized for the following gpus:
Adreno 400 or better
Mali-760, 860, 880 or better
Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra K1 or better
PowerVR Rogue series or better
NOTE: Noblemen can run on most devices, but graphics quality may suffer on cheaper or older gpus!

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WHAT'S NEW in Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4

-Added new, lower lighting graphics option for weaker devices
Last update:
-Alleviated some annoyances (reviving officers, repairing load-outs, etc)
-Improved shooting mechanics
-Simplified damage system (full dmg inside range or reduced dmg outside of range)
-New feedback sounds when hitting enemies
-Some tasks use video ad instead of gold
-New options
-Gold, Ammo packs activate right away when purchased
-Fixed bugs and crashes

Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4

Noblemen: 1896 v1.00.10.4 Apk

Noblemen: 1896 Apk

-: Game Info :-
Name : Noblemen: 1896
Category : Action
Size : 400 MB
Version :
File Format : Apk+Data
Requires : 4.3 & Up

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