Ghost Shards v1.0

Ghost Shards
Ghost Shards v1.0 Ghost shards is an old school, retro, side scrolling, 2D platformer. 11 pixel drenched themes spanning 50 carefully crafted levels . Each theme providing unique challenges and enemy tactics to keep you on your toes.

Ghost Shards v1.0is an  Action Game for Android. Download latest version of Ghost Shards v1.0 for android from

From minding your step in ancient trap strewn forest temples, to keeping your cool in the searing heat of volcanic subterranea. Encounter and overcome dozens of crazy foes including everything from manic clockwork mice and spring powered ladybirds to mind bending witch doctors and zombie rabbits.

Throw in half a dozen boss battles, a card collection to complete, a level % to max out and a Hi-score challenge and that's more or less our game.

We strove hard to make the gameplay as fluid and responsive as possible as this is easily the most important aspect of any game.

Ok we're old. We grew up in the 8 bit era (that's just after the bronze age) and had a commodore 64. If I recall correctly that's named after it's 64k total memory (no kidding) . Computers have come on light years since then. Unbelievably though 2D programming hasn't changed at all. The majority of this game was built using the same core array of tricks we worked out 20 years ago. Btw. The commodore 64 was a seriously brilliant piece of kit.

I guess lack of colour and resolution restrictions give our game a more 16 bit feel, either way we hope you enjoy it.

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Ghost Shards v1.0

Ghost Shards v1.0 Apk

Ghost Shards Apk

-: Game Info :-
Name : Ghost Shards
Category : Action
Size : 33 MB
Version : 1.0
File Format : Apk
Requires : 4.0.3 & Up

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