Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 Premium

Shortcutter Quick Settings

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 Premium

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 Premium is an Tools App for Android. Download latest version of Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 Apk + Premium Apk for android from

Shortcutter offers a several options to add convenient shortcuts & services to your Android powered device.

Compatible with Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow API 23)

Screen Record & Capture, Rounded Corners, Screen Filter/Night Mode, Night Light/Desk Clock, *Immersive Mode, *Monochrome, Countdown Timer, Data Usage, Battery Percentage, In Ear Audio, Brightness Presets, Weather, Location, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot & MUCH MORE!

Some functionality may be impacted by manufacturer changes & limitations

If you have any issues or feature requests, please contact me via the link in the app menu, I will do all i can to help :)

BETA Testers Opt In:
Opt In via:

SideBar / Floating Toolbox:
- A Floating Toolbox or Swipe out SideBar
- Up to 72 Quick Shortcuts available including up to 20 Custom tiles (App or Activity)!
- Theme Customisations
- Custom Icons (Feel free to mail me with any of your own)
- Custom sizes
- Custom position

Up To 20 Exposed Launcher Shortcuts:
- Allows you to toggle Settings & Start/Stop Shortcutter services from your app drawer, home screen, Samsung SideBar, HTC Edge Sense, Tasker & more!

A number of tiles & services require elevated permissions:
* Admin - Screen Lock.
* Accessibility - Activity Detection, Power Menu, Recent Apps, Split Screen (N+).

Quick Settings Tiles (Android N 7.0+ Only):
* 55 Additional Quick Settings Tiles available for the standard user (46 in the free version).
* +8 Tiles for Advanced users with a PC.
* +4 tiles for users with ROOT access.
That's 67 Quick Setting Tiles for the power users out there.

Available Tiles/Toggles:

- Auto Sync
- Battery Percentage
- Camera Launch
- Clicker - Counts total clicks
- Countdown Timer
- Dice
- Data Usage
- Flashlight
- File Browser
- Font Scale
- Touch Vibration
- Location Mode: Toggle Off, Device Only, Battery Saving & High Accuracy.*
- In Ear Audio
- Play/Pause Music
- Multi Window
- Mute media volume
- New Tweet
- New Email
- Next Alarm
- Night Light/Desk Clock
- NFC*
- Power Menu
- Screen Filter AKA Night Mode
- Screen Lock - *Requires Device Admin*
- Screen Orientation
- Recent Apps
- RAM Usage
- Rounded Corners
- Quick SMS
- Volume Panel
- Screen Timeout
- Screen Brightness Mode
- Brightness Preset
- Ring Mode
- Power Saver*
- Screen Wake AKA Caffeine
- Screen Record (Premium)
-- Custom video profile - 1080p, 720p, 480p, HIGH or QVGA
- Screenshot (Premium) - High Res
-- Custom save location for screenshots & recordings.
- Notifications with View, Share & Delete actions
- Web Search
- WiFi - Displays connected SSID & toggles connection
- WiFi Hotspot
- Voice Search
- Weather
- My Location
- SystemUI Tuner
- 6 Custom App/Activity Tiles (20 in the SideBar/Toolbox) - Add a shortcut to any application on your device.
- 4 Custom URL Tiles - Add a shortcut to any web address.

*Shortcut to activity only if the app has no access to settings secure.

With Settings Secure Access (Enabled with a PC command):
- Data Roaming
- Ambient/Doze Display
- Heads Up Notifications
- Immersive Mode/Expanded Desktop
- Keep Screen On While Charging
- Monochrome (B&W)

Additional ROOT Only Tiles:
- Mobile Network Mode
- Mobile Data
- Reboot
- Reboot Recovery
- Wi-Fi Calling (HTC Only)

This app does not store, retain or share any personal data, all toggles are subject to system availability.

WHAT'S NEW in Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 Premium

V3.5.5 - The best Shortcutter version to date!
----- Final release until next week -----
* Optional Root screen off method (Screen Lock Tile)
* Fix Crash in screen capture onDestroy
* Fix Screen Record show Touches & Record Audio toggles
* Increase intensity and available max intensity in Screen Filter
* Add the ability to select Applications or Activities to assign to Custom Tiles
* Add Mute Media Volume toggle
* Change Screen Filter dialog controls - Adjust dim +/-
* Add expose Screen Lock

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ apk

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v3.5.5 apk

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