Dreamica v1.0.6

Dreamica v1.0.6
Dreamica v1.0.6
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Dreamica v1.0.6

Dreamica is an Casual Games for Android. Download latest version of Dreamica v1.0.6 Apk + Mod Full for android from

Have you ever been trapped in a dream? Two children - Dakini and Damarion - have the misfortune of experiencing just that. Their dream is haunted by a terrible ghost. During their escape, they trip and fall down the deepest chasm imaginable - one which spans dimensions!

Fortunately, the good wizard, Walmond, conjures up a magical, bubble-like shield around them. It keeps them safe from the horrors of the nightmare, but it is also fragile and easily popped. Walmond almost used up all of his power with such a difficult spell, though, so he needs to rest awhile and can’t help children any more. To save them, it's up to you to guide them through dark forests, murky swamps, and other dangerous, magical, and dreamy places. The path will not be easy. Sharpen your reflexes and prepare your fingers; the journey from nightmare to beautiful dream is just beginning!

Dreamica is not just an ordinary infinite runner. It offers a unique gaming experience for children and adults equally!


- enhances your reflexes
- random, but clever obstacle generation
- draw any shape you wish
- beautiful graphics
- awesome music
- constant danger
- compete against other dreamers and claim the first place in a high score table
- many achievements to obtain
- almost infinite gameplay
- cute short versed introduction story movie

What did people say about Dreamica:

It was fun contributing music for Dreamica. I've always loved the combination of dark and pretty and Dreamica has a great balance of just that.
- Jim Guthrie, Musician (Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, Indie Game: The movie, Planet Coaster...)

I was very happy to compose for Dreamica. The artwork is beautiful and it influenced the direction of the music in a very big way.
-J. J. Ipsen, Musician

Dreamica - a very cute, dreamy game with awesome graphics.
- J. Gordulic - Top Applications TV Show

WHAT'S NEW In Dreamica

- minor big fixes
- top 50 high-score table instead of top 25
- difficulty optimizations




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