War of Age v1.0.3 Free Download

War of Age v1.0.3 Free Download
War of Age v1.0.3 Free Download
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War of Age v1.0.3 Free Download

War of Age is an Arcade Games for Android. Download latest version of War of Age v1.0.3 Free Download Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

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War of Age - is the passage of certain historical eras. Enemies and
traveled locations in the spirit of historical time. It will be presented
unique history, which is necessary to pass. History is a series of
passable story levels, there is a change of mini cards, and enemy units
The fight is a skirmish of the protagonist and enemies with projectiles
each level of the game difficulty increases, there are more enemies with
different abilities. Each level will be different from the passage
previous. Players earn coins and spend them to buy more powerful
shells, new locations and characters.

 Great graphics, to convey the atmosphere of historical time.

 A dedicated unit with special properties, which the player controls a separate

Feel like a hero,

 The ability to earn coins and spend them on new weapons and abilities.

 Advanced range and color of the characters.

 Ability to use defenses and traps distracting.

 Killing performed throws projectiles (stones) that are in contact with

leave puddles of blood with partial limb margin.

 Tactical possibilities of the hero directly dependent on the player
A wide range of characters with different abilities.
Level design is changed as it passes.
Hordes of enemies and powerful bare stand in your way but for someone like you is not a hindrance.


- Fixed a balance system.
- To open a new location, you need to collect a certain number of stars.
- A new kind of joystick.
- Fixed the inability to play in some rounds.
- A smooth transition between scenes is provided.

   War of Age- screenshot

   War of Age- screenshot

   War of Age- screenshot

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