Molly Platformer v2.3.14 Free Download

Molly Platformer v2.3.14 Free Download
Molly Platformer v2.3.14 Free Download
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Molly Platformer v2.3.14 Free Download

Molly Platformer is an Adventure Games for Android. Download latest version of Molly Platformer v2.3.14 Free Download Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

The rabbit Molly is the main hero of Platformer. Molly´s life is waning and your task is to get to the finish before it completely loses it. The variously distributed fruits will hereby help you in every unique round.

The fruits, however, play two roles. If you eat the right one, life will replenish a little bit. In contrast, a bad one will shorten your life.

Not only the path to the finish will complicate your waning life, but also VARIOUS TRAPS and OBSTACLES. These include, for example, falling stairs, abysses and dangerously-arranged bayonets. If you don't pay sufficient attention or the time elapses, you will have to start from the VERY BEGINNING of the ROUND.

Before you download this experience, please consider the fact that each round is a real CHALLENGE, and it is not easy to completely reach the end.

Molly Platformer currently contains a total of 10 + levels. Individual levels differ from each other by workmanship as well as difficulty. We start-with the easiest one and the difficulty gradually increases. The last 10th level is therefore a real challenge.

The levels, in this platformer game, also contain a very DIVERSE ENVIRONMENT. Some parts take place in a frozen landscape and others in a rocky environment. In some parts you will be seated in an off-road vehicle. In another part even in the cockpit of an aircraft. Each level is unique and therefore represents a new challenge for the other players. Entertainment is guaranteed.

The game is available for everyone and is COMPLETELY FREE.

Follow our updates and play MORE NEW, SPECIAL LEVELS.

Control is by touching and is very easy. All you need for control is two arrows. In the lower left corner are arrows to move forward and backward. On the lower right side an arrow for jumping. In addition, an arrow appears on the lower left side when Molly is climbing a ladder. Everyone can learn such simple control within a short time.

The graphics is nicely styled and pleasing to the eye. Everything runs smoothly and without technical problems. Relaxing music, which varies according to the different levels, plays in the background. Molly Platformer is now available only in the English language. We plan, however, to gradually add additional language versions.

So feel free to play Molly Platformer right now!


- Get free coins for watching ads,
- now you can purchase more lives to start from checkpoint if Molly dies,
- some bug fixes.

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   Molly Platformer- screenshot

   Molly Platformer- screenshot

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