ZONA Premium (BETA) v1.0.3

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ZONA Premium (BETA) v1.0.3

ZONA Premium (BETA)  is an Action Games for Android. Download latest version of ZONA Premium (BETA) v1.0.3 Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

 ZONA: The Chronicles of Chernobyl is a sandbox with open world in CEZ setting.
A player is just an inconspicuous character on the large Zona's map. And his fate is in your hands.
You'll survive in severe CEZ conditions.
While playing you'll get artifacts, explore game's world full of interesting places. You will be able to get in abandoned old Soviet classified installation. But be careful! Mutants hiding in Chernobyl forests are dangerous.
And what the looters would be depends on you.
You may also join groups or survive alone.
All these and many other things are waiting for you!
Your way to the center of Zona is just beginning...

Minimal system requirements:
CPU: Snapdragon S4 Pro and better
GPU: Adreno 320 (Snapdragon S4 Pro) and better
RAM: 600-700Мб free (1.5-2GB Total)

Normal system requirements:
CPU: Snapdragon 600 and better
GPU: Adreno 320 (Snapdragon 600) and better
RAM: 600-700Мб free (1.5-2GB Total)

Features of paid versions:


- New user's interface
- Updated control
- Changes in enemy's actions
- Updated knife
- Smooth music transition depending on a situation
- Bug in force close after killing an enemy with a knife is removed
- Updated lights in some rooms
- Other bugs are removed
Coming soon:
- Trade
- Save
- New menu and updated settings
- Optimization for 1GB RAM devices and less powerful GPU

   ZONA Premium (BETA)- screenshot

   ZONA Premium (BETA)- screenshot

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