Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter v1.1.70

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Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter v1.1.70

Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter is an Action Games for Android. Download latest version of Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter v1.1.70 Apk + Mod Full for android from with Direct Link.

 “Stunning graphics and interesting gameplay.”
“Action driven gameplay. Very good controls and environments”
“One of the BEST FPS games for mobile”
The game is still in early stage of development, we will update it very often to bring you new content, bug fixes, performance and gameplay improvements.

Step into the strike action with one of the best AAA FPS games ever made Counter Attack 3D. Encounter the enemies with different weapons like Desert Eagle, AK-47, AUG, shotguns, snipers and more destructive weapons. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist.

- Stunning 3D Console like graphics
- Skill based gameplay. All the weapons have different recoils, spray and reloading time.
- 6 different maps
- 2 different game modes to choose from - Team game or Deathmatch.
- Customize your game match (5vs5, 1vs5, 3vs3 and so on)
- Different type of weapons and guns. Including Ak47, M4A1, Desert Eagle, Magnum sniper, Mac10 and many more!
- 168 different skins for your weapons, grenades, arms and knives.
- Adjustable game controls.
- Crafting system for the skins.
- Daily missions.
- Player leveling system with rewards!
- Blackmarket in which you can directly buy skins on a daily basis.
- Save your data to our cloud server.
- Up to 10 players in one game.

Have fun shooting and invite your friends!

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Update contains:
- Easy/Medium/Hard missions categories added.
- Level 21/22 are added. Max level now is 22.
- Completing a mission will increase experience multiplier and you will earn more experience after finishing a game.
- Bots now are using weapon skins
- Local notifications for the crafting. Now we will remind you when crafting is finished.
- Fixed weapons to have the right amount of a clip ammo.
- Bug fixes and game optimizations.

   Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter- screenshot

   Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter- screenshot

   Counter Attack Team 3D Shooter- screenshot

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