Secret Stealth Warship Combat v1.1 MOD


Secret Stealth Warship Combat v1.1 MOD

 Warships of enemies have crossed the borders and entered your country’s sea premises. They are strong and powerful and have invaded with evil intention.

 Take control of your armored battleship, leave the harbor and take your ship into deep cold sea. Let’s get ready for a vicious naval war with your opponent’s navy warships.
It’s time to take serious action as the enemies have brought air support as well. Use anti-air missiles to target helicopters and take them down. Do your best to protect your warship from the wrath, bombardments and violent attacks of your enemy’s ships and their copters. Destroy the enemy’s cells, towers, copters, warships, in short destroy all their resources to make them weaker and to gain victory over them.

Don’t let the naval forces hold their command and maintain their domination. Destroy each and every asset of enemy forces to end them completely. It’s time to show no mercy but to compete and WIN..!!

Intense Shooting Missions!
Incredible 3D Graphics!
Realistic Sound Effects!
Naval and Air Enemies!
Upgrading Features!


Issue fixed.
New missions added.

   Secret Stealth Warship Combat- screenshot

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