Iron Snout+ v1.0.8


Iron Snout+ v1.0.8

 Iron Snout is a fast, colorful and brutal fighting game in which you will be helping a piglet fight for its life against hordes of wolves. Fight to save the bacon!

* engage in fast-paced and bacon-flavored combat
* use movie-like combo moves to fight hilarious (but dangerous) enemies
* use enemy body parts and weapons to aid your battle
* go crazy with hyper-responsive controls
* unlock tons of Google Play achievements
* battle your friends and enemies in multiple leaderboards

Not one wolf or pig was harmed during the making of this fighting game.

Iron Snout+ is a "steamed" version of Iron Snout, which has all the single player content, graphic updates and social features available in Steam version.

Steam version:

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* possible (untested) gamepad support (write me if it works:
* ad system changes
* bug fixes
* removed billing permission (game doesn't have any IAPs)
* made share wolf more clickable
* updated SDKs

   Iron Snout+- screenshot

   Iron Snout+- screenshot

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