Gravity Bridge v1.0


Gravity Bridge v1.0

⚡ It is an intense infinity ride towards the space on a gravity bridge, where swiping the bridge and controlling the wheels are the only option to escape the death. Experience the deadliest ride with an incremental speed to find the mysteries inside the game.


⚡ Easy to learn, difficult to master the swiping system.

⚡ Addictive Game play.

⚡ Compete for best high scores to achieve the titles and be on the leaderboards.

⚡ Beautifully created visual design.

⚡ Exhilarating physics based game play.


🌟 Fixed Some Major Bugs
🌟 Reduced Maximum Speed
🌟 Added New Obstacles
🌟 Game Play Optimized
🌟 Added Mute & Pause Buttons

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