Yoddha : Deva Sangram v1.1.0


Yoddha : Deva Sangram v1.1.0

Yoddha: Deva Sangram, is a turn by turn battle game that combines real-time battle fun with strategy and is based on various mythological heroes from around the world that can be collected to fight alongside you in your battles against the darkness. Come be a part of the Maha Yudh alongside Indian gods who have been fighting evil for centuries!

 ※ Please be aware that there will be additional patch downloads after logged in the game!

▶▶ On-Going Events ◀◀
1. The Market Review event is ongoing. (Until the notice for the end of event is published)

▶▶ Features ◀◀
[Huge Collection of heroes]
The game includes 93 heroes that you can choose from which includes the famous Indian gods like Shiva, Hanuman, Maya and in the near future, Ganesh and Krishna will be joining as well.

[Polished Illustrations and Graphics]
Great visualization and depiction of heroes are congregated. Very aesthetic and action-packed views! Dazzling images of each heroes and actions of them are adding great excitement and fun of playing it!

[Perfect Balancing of Diversities]
Five elements and their own attributes are concretely balanced and use those attribute advantages practically to win against tough enemies.

[Simple and Comfortable Controls]
Brilliant automatic battle system will help you out even if you are asleep! Adjust your own condition of an auto system and it battles tactically itself. Awesome and helpful features are prepared in every corner!
Play through the campaign in three different difficulty settings!

[Quick and Clear-cut Answers and Supports]
We are always prepared and welcoming your voices. Any struggles or suggestions will be great resources. Intimate responses and helpful take cares are always our first missions. So shout out your concerns and let's make things better together!

▶▶ Yoddhas! are you having problems? ◀◀

Please visit the following links for assistance.

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Go to Settings> Game Info> FAQs or 1: 1 Inquiry to contact us!


◎ Patch Note :
1. The Market Review event is ongoing. (Until the notice for the end of event is published)
- The visual effects update is huge when users level up.
- Fixed an issue where users move to My Room by clicking Home button.
- Fixed an issue where users can receive rewards by moving quest clear screen when users clear the quest.
[Bug Fix]
- Fixed an issue where users cannot use skills in certain situations.

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