Real Drift X Race Driver v1.3.1


Real Drift X Race Driver v1.3.1

Real Drift X Car Racing app offers exciting car drifting facility at your fingertips! traffic What you should have never dared to try on road, you can try now that driving challenge at your fingertips, free, safe, and full of speed dynamics. nfs, cars, racing or drag, choose what you want!

 Driving and drifting with a real sports cars top speed car may not be that safe but we can promise you about our drifter game play in Real Drift X Car Racing! It’s safe no doubt but it is super-duper exciting for every racer! It’s easy to understand the drift mechanism, but you will find racer mastering the trick is really, really challenging! Try once…download is free racer top speed, racing and hardly takes time to get sync to start on your android! nfs, traffic, drag

How to play this racing app!

If you know how to drive the car, hardly you will get time to grasp the car drifting gameplay! There are great car control lamborghini at your finger’s grip. You need race top speed to master the challenging technique with car control devices speed handbrake, accelerometer, intuitive steering, etc. You can use drift lamborghini also for lamborghini the drift race you have taken for adding spice in your furious driving. traffic

Not only car racing and drifting! You will be getting to customize your car and its racing compatibility! Change rims, change colors, and even you can change your car! More accurate drifting challenge you will be taking, you will get to score more. More score you will accumulate you will be able to add more tools in your drifting frenzy! nfs, driver

App’s Features:

real weather effects
Brilliant user interface: it’s really fun top speed and cool to play the drifting challenge, racing!
Intuitive game control will add extra game dynamics, simulation, rivals
You can customize your sports car, you can add new tools for enhancing your drift performance,
You can select you driving track between asphalt, green, and sand, driver, rivals
Enjoy licensed music track for heightened driving simulation experience. simulation

Download the game Real Drift X Car Racing app! The drifter game will let you explore more exciting layers inside. You will find drifter racing speed new level of stimulation at your fingertips! race, gt, driver, drag


- Realistic car physics asphalt, csr
- race on highly detailed tracks, chevy, race, csr nitro
- race against your competitor, you race are not alone now, compete with your race opponents and become the leader
- speed, cameras and spectacular replays, rivals
- Improving your car performance race gt
- real weather effects
- tuning racing
New race
chevy the enemy


• The most realistic 3D drift racing, traffic; nitro
• Various difficulty levels; nitro
• Wide range of setting options: changing car body colour, vinyl car bodies, wheels, colour of wheels and inscriptions on tyres; race csr
• Wide range of setting options: tuning boosting the engine capacity, adding turbo, changing update settings (weight distribution, wheel alignment, etc.), gear selected ratios racing
• Camera mode to share cool drifting photos with friends in vkontakte, skype, facebook, twitter, etc.
• professional engine sound for each car;
• Drift audi
• Intel x86 optimized for mobile devices. racing nitro, gt

- Win cups and earn coins racer, audi
- Uncover 25 sports bmw, nissan gtr, mustang, mclaren, chevrolet camaro, ferrari and other cars and new tracks
- chevy the enemy racer mercedes


• 20 new powerful cars with settings bmw, nissan gtr, mustang, mclaren, chevrolet camaro, ferrari and more other
• All settings are enabled mercedes.

• Accelerometer (gyroscope) or touch mode of steering control;
• Automatic audi manual transmission; racer
• Metrical or mercedes measurement system; racing

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   Real Drift X Race Driver- screenshot

   Real Drift X Race Driver- screenshot

   Real Drift X Race Driver- screenshot

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