Battle Camp v3.7.5

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Battle Camp v3.7.5

Discover over 1,200 Monsters in the incredible virtual worlds of Battle Camp, the top Monster Catching MMORPG!

 Only the strongest survive, so be ready to catch, train and evolve monsters as you ready for battle!

Crush your enemies as your forge alliances, forming troops alongside Rangers ready to battle with you at any time. Bring your friends along or meet new ones from around the world. Work together to defeat epic bosses, wage war on other Troops and dominate in REAL-TIME PvP.

Get ready for a world that is constantly changing as frequent raids bring new challenges, new worlds and new monsters! What are you waiting for? Download now.

✔ Catch and evolve 1200+ monsters
✔ Explore a live virtual world
✔ Form a troop with friends and other players
✔ Monster battling puzzle MMO
✔ Battle rivals in real-time PvP
✔ Rise to the top of the leaderboard in weekly events
✔ Design your own unique avatar


{NEW EVENT} Prepare for the Crystal Siege!
Ancient crystals capable of summoning elemental goliaths have been discovered!
Crush the powerful Goliaths summoned by your enemies in this massive new event!
{NEW EVENT} Battle Sygantor in Deep Blue Squeeze!
Sygantor, the most wanted and feared interdimensional criminal, has escaped from jail!
Send Sygantor back to prison in this interdimensional raid!
{NEW CONTENT} Enhance your Team with New Second Evolutions!

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