War Z 2 v0.1.87


War Z 2 v0.1.87

Nuclear war has turned the world into a wasteland. The Dead have risen from the ashes, and occupied the remnants of human civilization. You are humanity’s last hope – a hero. Rescue the survivors, develop a secure base and clear the zombies from your cities and your world.

In this ruined world, it’s not the zombies you should fear most. Ruthless survivors have their eyes on your city. The worst of human nature is on display: Those that are not the hunters will become the prey! You’ll need to choose wisely and develop a strong survival strategy to lead your survivors and to become the true king of the wasteland.

War Z 2 is a new free-to-play mobile strategy game where you battle zombies and other survivors to grow and protect your city. Develop your base, build your army, and gather resources to become the strongest city and king of the wasteland. War Z 2 contains innovative features designed to help even the playing field. Speed up waiting times by rapidly tapping the screen. If you don’t want to wait, simply tap! You’ll experience the fun and excitement of zombie survival faster than even before.

☆Take control of part of a ruined city. Gather resources, battle zombies, and gradually rebuild and gain control of your city area by area.
☆Tap to speed up waiting times! With your gift of leadership, you will be able to speed up buildings, resource harvesting and soldier training just by tapping the screen rapidly!
☆Build your army with increasing powerful units and challenge increasingly powerful zombie hordes. When you’re strong enough, you can also battle other players by attacking their cities.
☆Complete quests with your friends and allies, like the Zombie Underworld, to gain large Diamond rewards!
☆Ally or fight with players from around the world, all on the same server. Will you make global friends, global enemies, or both?
☆More wonderful functions are waiting for you to discover. Exciting new features and are coming soon!


0.1.87 Update Notification
1. Added a search button outside the city, now more convenient to find the zombie
2. Added Castle Flags: Now National Flag can fly above your Castle.
3. Fixed a bug that caused game break down.
4. Improved some picture display.
5. And other improvements.

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