Risky Crash Traffic v1.2

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Risky Crash Traffic v1.2

Enjoy the thrill of racing? Risky Crash Traffic is a unique racing game that challenges your reaction to the next level.
As the game starts off easy, but as level progesses, each new environment will require you to react faster and balance your vehicle, including plane and monster trucks!

With new game engine that creates realistic environment and realistic car features, unique levels and contents, various vehicle design for you to upgrade.
Risky Crash Traffic is the best mobile racing game you have been looking for.
Game Features
- Realistic traffic roads
- Easy to control and drive
- Various vehicle including planes and monster truck.
- Different locations to choose from
- Scoreboard to compete against other players.

Game Strategies
-Reaction time is important, you must avoid the traffic and boost speed as high as possible.
-Different car design will perform differently in different location.
-Faster speed of your vehicle will gain higher score.
-Overtake traffic cars closely to gain speed boost and bouns scores.


1, update and optimize the player's rank;
2, update the scene and abundant type of car;

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