Galaxy Zero v1.00.55.00

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Galaxy Zero v1.00.55.00

As an ace pilot, will you save the galaxy from an evil galactic empire? Join Galaxy Zero, a sci-fi classic top-down shoot’em up online action game that’s easy to start and fun to master.
Customize and outfit your Fighter and Pilots to handle any situation and make it truly yours. Now, you even have the Ace equipment and other powerful weapons on board, bringing you an even better battle experience. Fly with millions of other pilots in an epic battle for control of the galaxy in Galaxy Zero. PLAY FREE with this epic clash in the stars!

- The ACE unlocked! More Powerful Equipment to support you deeper in Space!
- Want more challenges? New Heroic Mode is ready for pilots! Be careful! It is dangerous!
- New Chapter unlocked! The Epic Story continues!
- Pass function opens! Complete the stage quicker and loot more materials!
- More and better VIP permanent benefits and packages.

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3G or Wi-Fi is required for gameplay.


- New Story Mode chapter with more gameplay to challenge even the most skilled pilots!
- New EX class Fighter and Ace, bringing even more stunning firepower and powerful abilities!
- Ace fighter level cap has been reached Advancement Level 13
- Blasted a bunch of known issues and bugs!

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