Frontline Duty Commando Attack v1.0


Frontline Duty Commando Attack v1.0

***Frontline Duty Commando Attack is one of the most amazing war on battlefield games***

The commando has been sent behind enemy lines to kill the most elite squad who has hijacked the government property. The most deadly commando has been called for duty to be the leader of the army in this modern warfare. The terrorist land are surrounded by delta strike team , assassins , snipers and gorilla army. The soldier is prepared to assault and counter attack to finish his mission and save the day.

Frontline Duty Commando Attack Features :

- Weapons like hand gun , AK 47 , rifle , machine gun , knife , bazooka , sniper. (More gun will be added)
- Over 40 deadly missions to complete and win .
- Easy controls with intense first person shooter(FPS) action.
- 3 different terrorist lands .
- Realistic map radar to monitor enemy movements.
- Shoot unlimited commando terrorists.

The soldier must keep his armor on and protect himself. It is his frontline duty to unlock all 40 missions to end the warfare at enemy battlefield. Enjoy Frontline Duty Commando Attack to make your army proud.

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