Combat Shooter Slug Attack v1.4


Combat Shooter Slug Attack v1.4

Fight on as combat shooter, on an intense commando mission to uproot enemy troops with limited resources at your disposal. Start this journey by surviving an early slug attack by the enemy army convoy, as you will have only a few rounds and grenades.

Progress further into the terrorist camp, utilizing enemy weaponry & resources to your advantage. Engage in deadly air land combat, operating heavy panzer tanks to piloting helicopters. Soon you will get a shot at the terrorist panzer general in a slug attack with lots of airstrike gunship, jet fighter & shooting action, testing your wits to the limit.

- Action packed combat shooter 3d gameplay
- Detailed missions with advanced FPS shooter, tank driving and helicopter piloting challenges
- Immersive gameplay with breathtaking graphics
- 16 exhilarating Combat missions


Satellite trackers had just tagged a terrorist army convoy, gathering strength on the southeast borders. However, the mountainous ruins and canyons made it nearly impossible for the officials to pinpoint the exact location of the enemy headquarters, thus a slug attack to rampage the territory was not feasible.

Our combat shooter is tasked with pinpointing the exact location, infiltrating and extracting all necessary information from the territory for the airstrike convoy to lay a nuclear attack. Seemed just another day at the office for our rescue ops specialist.

Tables got turned on the operative team during their movement to the site, when a slug attack by terrorist troops left them standing in the middle of nowhere. With nowhere to hide and gather forces, the team had to fight with the terrorist shooter convoy.

The shoot down lasts a day, slowly reducing our hero’s team count to one. The black ops advanced shooter manages to escape the fatal battlefield to recoup and think of a survivor plan. His years of training and fight skills will be put to the ultimate test as he struggles to fulfill the mission with a handful of ammo and grenades.

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