Zombie Death Killer 3D v1.0.2


Zombie Shooter 3D,such an addictive 3D sniper game, shooting zombies to survive! Save the innocent people; save the city! Can you make it? Off you go now!
New Features:
* Breathtaking FPS game experience;
* Shoot all zombies and vampires down;
* Tons of daily rewards waiting for you to claim;
* More than 20 weapons to choose from;
* Complete different missions to earn more coins;
* More powerful zombies appear as you proceed;
* Master all shooting skills and kongfu fighting skills;
* Use your knowledge to survive in this zombie world, and save innocent people;
* Abundant maps to unlock;
* Two Bosses for each level;
* Master sniper shooting skills;
* Learn about sniper gun assembly skills;
* Team up with your friends, to keep alive;
* Keep alert, stay calm, aim, shoot, one by one;
* Put on protective armor as required;
* Use fake boost to set a trap, gathering those vicious zombies and vampires, blow them up!
Feel hard to pass the level? Unlock new weapons or upgrade the currently used weapon to try it again; or invite your friends to help you! It's up to you! Have Fun!

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