Ultra Power Save Mode v1.1.6


Save your power for in case of emergency !
•Decreases CPU frequency.(requires root)
•Disables launcher.
•Reduces wakelocks.
•All apps are hibernated when the screen turns off. ( doze mode ) (requires root)
•Keeps enabled only system apps.
•Increases power saving on AMOLED screens with using monochrome colors.
•Disables Sync.
•Turns WiFi (if not connected) and Bluetooth.
•Reduces RAM, CPU and battery consumption.
•Decreases screen brightness.

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-App hibernating when the screen turns off.
-A bug fixed (fc bug)
-Added WiFi and Bluetooth control.
-Performance improvements.
-Shows only system apps. (more battery)

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your information is very well good and interesting too thus it is very well done and it is good too. Thanks for intimating these kind of ideas.

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