Ultimate JanKenPon v1.0.9.3


Ultimate Jan Ken Pon is a modernised version of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors in which the fighters compete to become the grand Dojo master of Jan Ken Pon.

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon doesn’t only fit into one genre. We find a strategic aspect as well as reflex, dexterity and rhythm, echoing the traditional origins of “JAN KEN PON″. The game is characterised by a comic and whacky orientation situated in a world marked by Asian culture and manga.

Will you guess and counter the next knock of you opponent ?

✧ Everyone who know RPS can enjoy this game from the start !

✧ Collect your guardian spirits and make them evolve with new abilities and special knocks.

✧ Polish up your strategy according to the weaknesses of your opponents.

✧ Over 150 items to collect

✧ New character every month

✧ To come : Guild system and story mode ( PVE )

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/!\ Your device will need at least 250Mo of free RAM


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