Stay with Us v1.0.2


What strange twist of fate has brought you back here? A number of years ago you recall playing here
as a child. All the children played at the graveyard. Until that night. The night she fell.
They had all run home when they should have stayed. No-one had tried to help her and she had
never been seen again. They had made a pact to never speak of it, never tell a living soul what they
had done. And now where were they?

The air is thick with fog. The wind almost seems to be howling your name. Is it your imagination, or
is there a shape in the fog? A streetlight flickers and the image vanishes but you feel no less uneasy.
You feel that you shouldn’t be here anymore. You can’t even remember why you came or how you
got here. You look around frantically for the gate but find only the leering of crooked tombstones.
You walk a while, not knowing where you are going, trying to ignore the feeling you are being
watched. Getting more frantic you start to run until a stray root trips you and brings you sprawling to
a grave. With a start you recognise it. It’s where she fell.

Then, out of the mist, a silhouette appears. Your heart nearly stops and your tongue chokes when
you recognise her, after all those years. Rotted, withered, ethereal but unmistakable. It’s the girl you
left to die.



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