➡Poyavilsya virus that kills people. In consequence of that almost all the people began to riot, loot and kill. The world is not the same that was used. There were private companies who want to make a cure for the virus, conducting inhuman experiments people. And sell them for big money. One of the people on which experiments were conducted, and was our main character. But in this world there is still hope for a better future, the resistance appeared, they proudly call themselves "SMERSH". "SMERSH" - people who are tired of perpetual experimentation, torture us and fight with them, along with the military.

P.s story of the game takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation, you play the role of a Russian soldier.
➡S each update of the game, we will be adding new missions. As soon it will be added to extend the game with your friends. You will be added HD texture.
❌❌❌Esli you have problems / questions about the game, do not hurry to make a refund, our Help Desk will solve your problem.
❌❌❌Pri contact the Help Desk is required to throw a screenshot of the payment receipt of the game.
P.s files that you can throw the Administrator will work only for you.

For any questions please contact support
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List locations⬇
✅Razrushenny city
✅Vyhod of sewage
✅Baza military
✅Gorod (War on the street)
✅Gorod (Roofs)
⬇Chto special game
 ✅Zahvatyvayuschy plot (Actions ✅proiskhodyat in Russian)
✅Atmosfernaya schedule
✅Atmosfernye sounds
✅Mnogo varieties of weapons
✅Iskusstvenny intelligence (when creating the latest technology have been used)
✅Krasivy game world
✅Optimizatsiya under all mobile processors
✅Sistema LOD to optimize
✅Occlusion Culling
✅UI interface that unfolds beneath your screen


Обновление 3.0
- Повышение производительности
- Новое главное меню
- Добавлены дополнительные настройки графики
- Новые 3D модели Ai
- Новые миссии
- Убраны сетки а локации "Канализация"
- Добавлены эффекты стрельбы по воде
- Вода в канализаций теперь зараженная и отнимает здоровье
- Теперь здоровье у игрока пополняется автоматически
- Добавлены новые ai
- Добавлена снайперская винтовка
- Исправлена ошибка с патронами у пистолета
И еще очень многое...

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