Cradle of Flames: Gothic RPG v1.14.12


Welcome to Gothic RPG-MOBA adventure!
This is the darkest place you’ve ever been to – and we mean it!
Summon a team of Legendary Heroes to bring back the Light!
Life began when the brightest flame hit the darkest corners of this gloomy world. Lights and shadows merged, giving birth to mankind. But eventually the Cradle of Flames faded, opening a gate to the darkest creatures of the Underworld. Hordes of evil burst into this fragile world, destroying every spark of life! But the final battle is yet to be fought…

Enter the world of darkness to summon Legendary Heroes and get ready to Battle Royal!

SUMMON TIME! Gather a powerful team of warriors with unique skills. Collect the unstoppable force of swordsmen, archers and wizards and make your way to the top!
PLAY WISE! Adjust your strategy by using different decks and formations to wipe out the enemy in a single Campaign Mode.
PLAYER VS PLAYER! Challenge other teams and players in a PvP mode!
LEVEL THEM UP! Collect artifacts to develop and upgrade the powers of your Heroes and pursue valuable prizes in daily challenges.
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Here is one more small update, friends!
In this update:
- The new game server. Now you can switch between servers in Options.
- Useful game tips on loading screens.
- New profile avatars.
- Some changes to the skills of the following heroes: Corsair, Wolfhound, Frostbitten, Plague Bros.

   Cradle of Flames: Gothic RPG- screenshot

   Cradle of Flames: Gothic RPG- screenshot

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