Offroad Buggy Hero Trials Race v1.2


Offroad legends become legends in the dirt, in the sands.
Offroad Buggy Hero Trials Race will make you eat sand! You can become on the best offroads legends that has ever lived on the Google Play Store. This buggy beach game offers you many different stunt missions where you need to finish as fast as possible. If you finish first, you will gain the honor of becoming the best Offroad Buggy Hero!

Race, Jump, Loop and more in offroad buggy style!
These stunt games and race games are all about stunting and racing. Doing the highest jumps means you will have to have impeccable timing and skills. For you to have this you must train, therefore we have added 30 different stunt missions for you to train!

Nitro, Nitro, Nitro! You get it, Offroad Buggy Hero Trials Race has nitro!
To boost your speed even more in Offroad Buggy Hero Trials Race you can hit the nitro button for amazing, out of this world speeds and jump even higher then you already could! This buggy beach racer has it all. Between us, it even has a flying stunt mode!

★ Become Offroad legends !
★ Play in 30 different stunt levels! With bonus flying missions
★ Collect all 5 offroad buggy beach cars !
★ Use nitro to get even higher!
★ Give a good rating if you enjoy this game!

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