Moto Rider Extreme Racing v1.3


Moto Racer is a fast paced racing game. Manage your Moto with an incredible speed of movement during the day and night! Feel the thrill of authentic racing action in Ultra motorcycle today!
Moto motocross rider has a lot of bicycles. You can drive a motogonki at maximum speed, because the fantastic graphics and nature gives you an opportunity. But only the best bike he could beat the other in this amazing game of racing motocross. Update the motogonki with the coins that you are taking a long time to make. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit and the race in 2 different modes, day and night!
Ride a bike through the streets are packed with real-life traffic and thematic vehicles. Keep Moto accelerating so that the score will increase. To avoid fire engines, burning cars, trucks and even a cement road blocks the police!

Moto Rider Features:
- The real life traffic
- Lots of bicycles
- Grand Street
- Moving and static obstacles
- many motos
- Grand City
- Beautiful nature, town
- Endless fun
- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Intuitive operation
- The most racing game!

Enjoy feeling super-fast Moto Racing extreme driving!

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Moto Rider Extreme Racing