Car Driving: High Speed Racing v1.0.0


Race against traffic and cause havoc in the thrill-seeking racing game! See how long you can last and destroy as many cars along the way!
Car Driving: High Speed Racing is the latest amazing race car simulator to hit the store, drive fast sports cars for as long as you can, building up experience and high scores to unlock even more super cars and special vehicles!


Get behind the wheel of some serious horse power and dart through busy traffic, or you can blow them out of the way making it an easy ride for you. Collect coins as you drive fast down the highway to unlock special customization add-ons to your car and even more cars!

Crash, bash, smash, and blast your way through the traffic jams by using amazing power-ups like rockets, bombs, speed boosts, bonus magnets, and more!

Watch out you don't go crashing into the back of cars or you will end up in a pile of broken car parts and fire, so make sure you can handle the pressure of going super fast and hit into cars from the side.

Battle against other racers who want to beat the traffic; catch up to them and try to take them down to earn in-game experience and unlock the best vehicles possible

Like the sound of that? Get the best hear-pounding, thrill filled gameplay right here in Car Driving: High Speed Racing! Experience the fun on any android mobile device!

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