Baseball Star v1.0.2


Now, a new baseball begins!
Total baseball that direct play and management support at the same time!
★ Beginning of a new baseball!
- New baseball that never seen before!
- A cute and charming character's various motion and lively play.
- Direct play OK! Automatic play OK! League simulation OK!

★ Collect players cards and Create your own lineup!
- Choose your favorite team & Progress your own league.
- Players cards of nine teams players and legendary players.
- Configure the lineup set deck with player card to get into the various reward.

★ Invest! It will grow stronger!
- Train your players and Upgrade ability of power, contact, speed and etc.
- Decorate your own players with item such as uniforms, bats, hats.
- Take advantage of a trade-off halfway players collect cards

★ Team comes first for player!
- Collect BP and Upgrade the ballpark.
- Improve the ability of the team to Mastery Points.
- Make wear team item for improving the ability of the entire.


Bug Fixes
- game play
- graphic
- etc

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