Ultimate Elephant Rampage 3D v1.0


Don’t underestimate the power of this gentle yet robust creature… Take the city as The Angry Elephant!
In this free-to-play game, you play as an enraged animal on the loose. Roam around and attack lousy pedestrians, smash cars and knock things down. Create a frenzy in your path. With a nimble trunk and forceful hooves, wreck the whole town with your hefty form! Release your inner beast and cause ultimate destruction in this Fantasy 3D City! Knock down all kinds of obstacles; cars, trucks, houses, trees--even people!

Ultimate Elephant Rampage 3D Features:

•Multiple action packed missions
•Realistic elephant animations
•Fantasy 3D Town area with no shortage of prey
•Vibrant gameplay with thrilling challenges
•Multiple elephants to choose from

There is no shortage to an animal’s fury!

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