Dikemba Survival v1.2


You will have to move quickly, garner materials and build your stronghold before nightfall or starts raining ...
Level up and get more effective tools, stronger weapons and materials of construction for more sophisticated more sophisticated construction materials for mount your stronghold and Project for the enemies and the tropical climate of the island.
You will have to hunter animals, garner fuit and find water to satisfy your hunger and thirst. And don’t forget to rest if you want to continue another day more.
Delve into the caves where to get unique materials to make exclusive items and explore every corner of the island but always well equipped.


Version 1.2
- Fixed an error with knife. Now you can cut bushes.
- Fixed an bug related to metal axe.
- Fixed an bug related to metal pail.
- Fixed an error with construction system.
- Fixed an bug related to the experience.
- Fixed an bug related to zombie.
What’s New:
- Added new weapon : Stick with stones.
- Added new weapon : Stick with niles
- Now you can swim!!

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