StormTree v1.0.5f1


· Take your Hero on a journey through the fantasy world of StormTree
· Attack other players and loot their gold mines
· Recruit and train troops to fight with you in battle
· Construct cunning and powerful defences to protect your own gold mines
· Research new defences and customize them with your Architect

· Establish your Headquarters and grow your Village with a range of buildings
· Craft your own epic swords and impenetrable armor at your Armory
· Employ a Mage to enchant your gear with magical powers
· Concoct potions and crafty gadgets at your Laboratory

· Save the Lorian people of StormTree from the evil Corruption destroying the sacred Forest


- Moved all regions onto a single map to help make finding PvP battles and carrying out mini quests easier.
- Improved the process of crafting and equipping by merging them into a single view
- Merged the Camp and Barracks into a single view to help make the process of recruiting and viewing troops easier.
- Added some extra quests and reordered them
- Removed the village view so that building upgrades can be carried out quickly from a simple panel.
- Fixed a few bugs

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