EZ PZ RPG v2.160.18


Welcome to EZ PZ RPG, the idle clicker style game that’s so easy to play... it doesn’t even need you!
All you need to do is choose a class, and the game will play itself, even while you’re doing something else - grabbing groceries, putting your apps in alphabetical order, or... whatever else you do with your free time. (We don’t judge). Check up on your hero later, and you'll have a ton of EXP and loot! Go you!

***New in 3.2***
Wing System - A new way to customize and make your hero stronger. Upgrade your wings to reach new heights!
Hero Tokens - A brand new quest system to tie into the new Wings. Complete daily tasks to gain rewards that can be used to increase your wing stats!

---Tweaks & Updates---
New player guide has been tweaked to provide a better starting experience.
Hunter skill “Nightcrawler” has been buffed. It now does 25% more damage.
Warrior skill “Deathwish” has been tweaked slightly. It now does 50% more damage (up from 40%), but you receive 50% more damage (up from 40%) as well.
General UI improvements for a better and cleaner layout.

Upgrade your Hero so you can take on bigger & badder monsters, delve into deeper & darker dungeons, and get your hands on better & rarer loot! Then take on your friends head-to-head in Arena combat, all from the comfort of your pocket, purse, nightstand, or… wherever. Easy Peasy!

Don’t be fooled though, this idle game isn’t your everyday dungeon crawler, beat em’ up, or hack n’ slash. EZ PZ offers non-stop action as a unique hybrid of classic fantasy and clicker style games. So if you want the full hardcore RPG experience, but don’t want any of the headaches that come along with it, this is the game for you!

Accessible Mechanics
Don’t be shied away by complex features and convoluted systems, EZ PZ gets right to the point,
iterating on classic idle clicker games. No fuss.
Create Your Hero
Choose from one of the three distinct playable classes, and set forth on a perpetual adventure!
Endless Combat
Continuously progress while away. The fighting never stops, even while you sleep!
Full RPG Experience
Equip your Hero with epic loot, gain levels, learn new skills, and meet new companions to add to your party. EZ PZ also features a full crafting system, so you can always make what you need!
PvP Arena
Challenge friends and foes alike for the ultimate test of strength. Form teams or face your rivals 1-on-1, and become the true champion!
Form Guilds
Band together with friends and like minded players to join forces! Help each other reach the top!


1. Wings
Unlock at Lvl. 40
Upgrade with Plumes for stat boosts
2. Hero Tokens
Unlock at Lvl. 40
Hero Tokens come in 4 qualities and are used to get Bounty Quests
10 Hero Tokens can be bought daily
3. Elemental Mark
Elemental Marks can be synthesized into random Elementals
4. Lifetime Card
Cards can be claimed after buying 6000 Gems and spending 5000 Gems in the same day
Cardholders get 2 more Bounty Quests and can collect 150 Gems for free daily
Benefits stack with the R2 Card
5. Fixed Bugs

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