You are the elite, a "one man army killer" who battles for the country.

Aim and shoot in this realistic 3D FPS game from Top Action Games on Google Play! You are an elite member of the Top Secret SS Syndicate. Equipped with a ton of explosive weaponry like shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades, you will navigate multiple locations to eradicate your foes who are a threat to the sovereignty of the nation. You will infiltrate their bases and eliminate them with utmost accuracy and prove that you are a deadly killer swat assassin.

In times of crisis, the SS Syndicate calls upon their elite swat members to become deadly weapons as the weapon of war. Download now to experience AAA controls and graphics and take on enemies that are equipped with the latest armor and helicopters!

The famous gunners battle is in the warzone to cheer the terrorized areas. Guide with precision your combat helicopter and demolish the enemy military bases in the world’s greatest combat experience! gunship strikes combine tactics, flying skills and the right amount of ruthless in this #1 military action game!

Sometimes You are a modern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Go for the headshot now! Hold your breath & Pull the sniper trigger in this real-life 3D graphics and sounds environment, the game gives an exhilarating experience to complete this mission.


? Great quality graphics and locations
? Immense weapons and fire power
? Challenging missions in multiple locations
? Unlimited challenging battle missions
? Real Crime 3d environment
? Best sound effects
? Cool animations


*Added 15 New Fast Paced Action Levels!
*Minor Bug Fixes
*Introducing Medkit and Armor in the Shop
*Local Notifications
*Gameplay Improvements

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