Horse Derby Quest 2016 v1.1


** Join The World Of Horse Derby Racing And Race Against The Best Riders In The World **
Saddle up your horse and race against the best riders in the world!! It’s time for the epic Horse Racing Challenge! Break into a gallop and jump over the hurdles to win the race in this Realistic 3D Horse Racing Simulation.

Race for top position in this highly addictive game in immersive 3D environment. Choose your favorite stallion and race to the victory in the thrilling ultimate competitions.

Play for pride, run hard, stay on track, jump cleanly over the verticals and spreads and complete the race within allotted time. Keep an eye on your horses's stamina while you push it for fierce speed. Jump over hurdles and dodge the muddy patches to be first one crossing the winning line. Earn extra cash for every clean jump and use the cash to buy better horses. Upgrade your horse's abilities to win all the races and become the World Champion.

Features of Horse Derby Quest 2016:-

- Realistic 3D Horse Racing Track.
- Exciting Races And Challenges.
- Smooth Touch And Tilt Control To Maneuver Your Horse Easily
- Awesome 3D Graphics And 3D Sound Effects
- Beautiful 3D Animated Horses.
- Different Weather Conditions.

Play Horse Derby Quest Jump To The Top.

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