Gunship island Battlefield
Attack the Island of enemies with Gunship Helicopter

***A very well designed shooting game specifically for tablets and smartphones. ***

Enjoy the unlimited ammo of mini gun and use the missile wisely for helicopters , tanks and Humvees.
It’s an crucial undead encounter for shooting, war game fans, does not matter if you have a high or low end mobile device, just download and start enjoying the amazing gunner shooting game.

The presence of enemies , setting up a base in nearby Island has alerted the authority. The intelligence gathering has been shared and we are ready to conduct and operation called “ Top Down Shooting”

Your duty is to conduct a covert operation and neutralize the Island making sure that there is no friendly fire or collateral damage. Enemies have brought the modern weapon called Fortress Destroyer to destroy everything with a push of a button. So make a move before they do. For the hostages, it’s the end of the world but you are the only hope for them like a lost guardian. In this age of civilization one expects a help from their defender, so when the battle time starts, make sure you go beyond the limits to save your countrymen.

** Switch between mini gun and missile
**Do not waste the missile as they are limited
**Hit the red barrels to make a big explosion
**Do not ignore the sky, there is where the helicopters comes from

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