WASH IronMan Whastapp MOD V1.1

WASH IronMan Whastapp MOD

WASH stand for whatsapp superhero mod. It is designer and have all the privacy setting you need to Rock . Wash offer a flat UI and superhero theme available in two flavors BATMAN & IRONMAN . All i can say “Most beautiful Whatsapp of all time”


Latest base Version 2.12.391
All the privacy setting.
Make text selectable.
Set name at the center conversation.
Hide archieved chats.
Hide call button.
Enable image share limits(instead of 10)
Enable video size limit.
Proximity Sensor.
SH Conversation entry with IRON MAN logo.
New Ironman bubble.
New Ironman ticks.
Message counter at profile.
Batman default wallpaper.(CUTE LOLS)
New attachment style.
New attachment icon.
Very Fast!!!!

Download Link :