Valhalla Lost v1.0.8.7


Join us as a designer for an awesome collectible card game (CCG), Valhalla Lost.
This is a collectible card game that focus mostly on strategy, which might be the best CCG ever.
We need your wisdom to help us improve and optimize this new CCG. As a co-designer, you will be sharing with us all the honor and rewards that come along with the game.
PvP mode: Play against your friends or challenge others all over the world to show your most powerful deck ever created. Become the master of this CCG.
1. Hundreds of unique Norse mythology cards in this CCG waiting for you to collect.
2. Different cards type can trigger different gorgeous effects, how to combine them are all depend on you.
3. Armor, Block, Traps, Wards and other brand new battle elements are added into the game, making new rules for this new CCG.
4. PVP: Go to Bar Fight for fun or go to League for honor. You can challenge other players across the whole world.
5. Splendid 3D graphics and special effects, experience the epic battles in Nordic mythology.
6. This game will constantly update and improve, your ideas and suggestions will be considered to be added into this game. You can be a designer of this game.


Bug fix:
The new build has fixed the bug with Android 6.0 and greater.
Update Notes:
An evil Santa is coming your way! Beat it to get your special Christmas card back!
The new build has also fixed:
-A Google binding bug
-Two different cards with the same name, Baptism
-A bug preventing the Lich from attacking when there is no creatures in your graveyard.
-A bug that allowed players to put 4 of the same god cards in one deck

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