Top 15 Upcoming Best Android Games 2016

Like me if you are a game lover then you will surely like this post where i am discussing out some of the best upcoming games that you will be soon getting in 2016. As a gamer we always keep on looking for the best games and we always keep on trying all new games to find out the best out of them. And thats why i am here to tell the names and short description of the games that will be soon in Google play store and then in our android. So have a look on these top games.

Top 15 Best Upcoming Android Games 2016

Here we are discussing the best games that are releasing either this month or in the upcoming year. And we have selected some of the best games whose developers had good ratings and their games are usually the best. So have a look on these games with their releasing date.


Assassin’s creed: Identity - another game in a well known series with amazing graphics and absorbing gameplay. The action takes place in Italy during the Renaissance. The mission are generated randomly, but there's also a main story line. Players are given edged weapons and an opportunity to create their own character from four available classes. The skills and abilities are various - throwing knives, armor reduction, slowing bombs, and more.


Grand theft auto: Liberty City stories - feel like a real mafiosi on the land with no laws and where your life has no worth. One day the main hero, Tony Cipriani, had to flee the city after killing a person. Now it's time to go back and restore credibility and influence. People still remember Tony, so there's definitely place for skirmishes and dangerous chases, because Vincenzo is now close to the boss. Who becomes a winner, only time, dexterity, and your wit will decide that.


The last remnant - explore various locations and fight exiting battles in Japanese RPG game by Square enix. All the events happen in the fictional world. The main hero, young Rush Sykes, is trying to bring his kidnapped sister Irene back. He gets involved in a global conflict associated with Remnants - mysterious artifacts of antiquity, that have special magical properties and became the main reason of several wars.


Raceline CC - absorbing first person motorcycle races from a British studio Rebellion. Feel like a real motorcycle racer speeding at full speed along the narrow streets crowded with cars. You'll be able to take part in street races and compete with friends. As you play the game you get money that you can use to buy new motorcycles and improve existing ones. Challenge opponents and climb to the top of urban racing!


Project Hon - stunning real-time MMO from Korean company NCsoft made in Unreal Engine 4. Take part in a spectacular action movie about brutal battles between robots in times after apocalypse. You have machine guns, pistols, and harpoons. Apart from shooting large caliber weapons, you can hurl buses, helicopters, and transport containers into your enemies, as well as engage in melee on large-scale gaming arenas.


Vector 2 - a sequel to the game about a rebel who escaped from the system's oppression 3 years ago. This time the main hero wakes up in a lab. His memory is wiped and his only desire is to escape from this place, and do it quickly. There are many traps and obstacles on your way and you'll gradually learn about new kinds of obstacles. With each race the placement of the traps changes. Collect as many points as possible, learn new skills techniques, change gear, and go through all the floors of the lab.


The walking dead: Michonne - DLC to the second season of the famous video games series based on a comic book. The game is dedicated to the main character Michonne, who reveals the main idea of the story. The heroine seems cruel and cold, but at heart she's a very deep person who's lost hope. The heroine is trying to escape from the surrounding darkness, she even had to leave the group of trusted friends. But what made Michonne return to the team? That's what you need to find out.


Galaxy on fire 3: Manticore - another game in a popular space sci-fi strategy series with trading elements developed by Fishlabs. Go to a distant sector Neox ruled by anarchy and disorder with terrorist groups who don't abide by the law. But the protagonist believes that justice can be restored and you need to help him in this difficult mission. Become one of the best bounty hunters to overthrow the reign of ruthless tyrants.


Final fantasy 13-2 - guide the young girl Serah and her friend Noah through many adventures in a mysterious world. Use unique skills of the heroes to fight monsters. The sister of the heroine of this game for Android mysteriously disappeared in an unknown world. Help the brave heroine and her companion find the missing girl. Go to on a strange world with terrible monsters on every step. Use unusual weapons and abilities to defeat crowds of enemies. Defeat powerful bosses and try to reach the goal.


Riptide GP: Renegade - a sequel to well-known futuristic jetski races by Vector unit. Players will tale part in illegal tournaments in major cities of the future, dangerous forests, ruins of submerged structures, and other interesting locations. Get ready for constant races, spectacular stunts, and even more jetski. High detail, sophisticated water surface physics - this and more awaits you in these exciting races!


Torque burnout - show your drifting skills in front of a large audience in this entertaining simulator by League of monkeys. The main objective is not to pursue and overtake opponents, but to perform the most beautiful and spectacular trick with lots of smoke. The crowd of spectators will watch and evaluate the performance. During breaks you'll spending time in the garage perfecting your. For better results you'll need a more powerful engine, new spoilers, and more.


The Room is the one of best android strategy game. The third version of this most popular game is going to come later in 2016. The third version is packed with all new chapter and more difficulties. Also the graphics and the user controls are also improved in the upcoming version of this android game.


The badland 2 is also launched for the iOS devices and the game is also going to launch on android later in 2016 January. The game is full of adventure. The game’s older version had been played by over thirty-million people which makes it one of best adnroid adventure game.

#14 iSLASH 2

iSlash 2 is upcoming sequel of most popular swiping game for android. The game is developed by Duello Games. The game is going to launch on play store in early 2016. The game is launched in India, Israel and Australia. But its global version will be available from January 2016


Marvel Avengers Academy -  The one of the most popular games that is well known with the name avengers, now soon you will be getting a cool game based on the same.

So above are some of the Top & Best Upcoming Android Games 2016. So keep in mind the names of these cool games as they are arriving soon this year, and i am sure you will love all these upcoming android games. Hope you like this, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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