High Speed 3D Racing 2 v1.1.7

Race car fans, get ready for the ultimate 3d speed racing competition!
High Speed 3D Racing just got a new look. We have improved the driving physics engine, we have designed a top-notch garage and we have added new tracks and levels. Prestigious sports cars will make your course even more enticing. So, get in the pole position and fire up your engine! And if you want to experience the speed racing at over 200 miles/hour, this is for sure the thrill of your life!

This speedway racing game let you unlock and drive more than ten high performance and horsepower supercars. You will also get sixteen intense levels with different types of tracks and different degrees of difficulty. Speed along complex tracks and leave your opponents behind. Get rewards for your victories and buy new cars with unique specifications. You can opt to upgrade your car’s handling and speed and flip on the NOS to outdrive your opponents.

This challenging championship lets you enjoy two competition modes: circuit and knockout. Control of one of the last generation bolides, finish the race in the shortest possible time and leave your opponents behind you, eating dust. Your car always starts the cracks in last place and you exceed all other riders to win. The vehicle does not suffer damage during the beats, which means you can hit opponents for trying to get them out of the track.

The game interface is very intuitive and user-friendly and you can race the way you want. Use the on-screen control or tilt to steer. Your spatial awareness and dexterity will be pushed to the limit because it's very easy to veer off the track and end up going in the wrong direction. In this case, a restore button will save your auto-racing and will put you on the right way.

Complete all the laps and be the first one to cross the finish line in order to win the game! Good luck!

▶ 16 unique levels for hours of challenging gameplay;
▶ 20 beautiful GT turbo cars to drive - feel their handling and style!
▶ upgrade the performance of your vehicles;
▶ earn cash rewards and unlock new cars;
▶ race the way you want: you can touch or tilt to steer;
▶ 2 gameplay modes - Circuit and Knockout;
▶ Absorbing gameplay, high-detailed 3D environment and gripping car garage;
▶ Eye-popping 3D Graphics;
▶ Different camera angles.

This game offers you a competitive and entertaining racing experience and will push your driving skills to the limit. Accept all the challenges, choose your furious car and speed away!
Play one of the best nitrous race car games and CONNECT WITH US by simply rating and review our game, as we are always looking to improve it!

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